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Marci has recorded more than 200 videos to help parents learn more about Language Facilitation.
Parents have used her step-by-step strategies to help their late-talking children start talking 
faster than speech therapy.

Marci's podcast is available on all of the most popular podcast services. She produces parent coaching sessions plus challenges, strategies, and empowerment for parents on their 
language facilitation journey. 

Written by Marci Melzer on Aug. 2nd 2020
Hey Language Facilitator Parents, August 2nd 2020 is National Coloring book day!
Coloring books provide images your child enjoys and a way to interact with those images. Try these ideas for using coloring books with your late talker to facilitate the words they are thinking about today.
Written by Marci Melzer on Nov. 11th 2017
Most interventionists and parents do not realize that Late talkers WANT to talk but the behavioral speech others are teaching does not help them. They are being asked to imitate and repeat words that someone else is telling them to say instead of teaching them the words THEY desperately want to learn!

This article describes how language facilitation is different and why it works so well for parents around the world, no matter what caused the child to be late talking.

An Early Intervention Trainer in Virginia Uses Marci's Video as A Resource for Developmental Therapists

Written by Lisa Terry M.S., M.Ed. on Nov. 26th, 2019
Published in Early Intervention Strategies for Success Blog 
Virginia Commonwealth University Early Intervention Professional Development Center
Tantrums are a normal part of every young child’s life. If we are honest, we throw our own “tantrums” as adults. When working with young children, especially those with a language delay, we have to understand that tantrums are a mode of communication when emotions become overwhelming. Marci Melzer offers five steps to handle tantrums with late talkers. 
Written by Marci Melzer on Nov. 11th 2017
Over my nearly 30 years of clinical experience as a speech-language pathologist, I have had the opportunity to witness, first-hand, a LOT of misdiagnosis going on. More and more late-talking kids are receiving inaccurate diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and/or Childhood Apraxia of Speech without a stop in sight.
How, and why, does this happen? Here are 6 reasons.
Written by Marci Melzer Nov. 23rd 2017
 I have met hundreds of late-talkers over my 30-year career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and have come to understand that they possess unique characteristics that actually impede their development of using words.
Written by Marci Melzer on Dec. 27th 2017
In the book Late Talking Children: A Symptom or a Stage?, Dr. Stephen M. Camarata discusses the misconceptions and misdiagnoses of late-talking children. I was able to link this book to my own experience with late-talking children, who I call Spirit Kids, and I want to share with you the three most important points of this book.
Written by Marci Melzer on Jan. 20th 2018
For 30 years, while working in a child's natural environment, during every-day activities, I have helped hundreds of parents get their late talking and (often non-verbal) kids interested in and eager to use words. They did this by becoming Language Facilitators.  This article outlines the three things YOU need to become a Language Facilitator yourself.