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Waves of Communication
Custom Face-to-Face Coaching
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Learn What is Blocking Your Child's Natural Spoken Language and 
Exactly What to Do to Help Them Shift Nonverbal Communication Into Speech.
Custom Coaching Clients See the Fastest Results
Will Language Facilitation Coaching Help Your Family?

 Check the Criteria Below to See if You Qualify

Child Feels Well and Can Hear Spoken Language
No matter what diagnosis your child has received
 as long as they have a healthy ear, nose, throat system and feel generally well enough to have FUN 
children can learn to talk from parents and caregivers.
Child Tries to Communicate Nonverbally
Late-talking children are often very good at communicating their wants and needs using a variety of sounds, gestures, facial expressions, and behaviors.

Parents Have Taught Child Fun Skills
Parents intuitively know how to reach their children and teach them during play when there is no pressure and the activity is enjoyable for everyone.
Parents Willing to Change Unsuccessful Strategies
Most blockages to natural speech emergence are found in ineffective teaching strategies that children do not enjoy.  Parents must be willing to replace strategies that their children are avoiding and take NEW action every day.
What's Included in the Custom Coaching Programs?
Parents are Guided Through the Process of Developmental Language Facilitation 
With Your Child.
Intuitive Video Analysis
With information and video provided by parents, Marci is able to identify the root of your child's speech delay, as well as the patterns, and situations that are perpetuating the problem.

Mindset Work and Strategies Training
Parents have access to the entire Language Facilitation Basics Independent Study Course.
This 8-module project explains the entire process Marci is completing for you. This content equips you to use your coaching experience to develop independent language facilitation skills so you can create a lifetime full of language intervention for your child.
Development of Your Custom Language Facilitation Plan
Every late talker and every language facilitator is unique.
You will work together with Marci in recorded online sessions as she provides specific strategy ideas with step-by step instructions to fit your intervention into the activities you and your whole family already do every day.

Empowerment and Support as You Navigate the Ups and Downs of Natural Speech Development
The language facilitation journey is no different than parenting, there are a LOT of ups and downs along the way. Support and encouragement is available at every step to keep parents making constant progress.

This program equips and empowers parents to keep every activity in your household easy, happy, safe, and FUN. Even during the tough times. 
Custom Coaching Program Options
Choose the option that feels right for your family 
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Waves of Communication
Intuitive Video Analysis and Coaching Session

Understand What is keeping you stuck so you can facilitate new spoken language
(one payment)
  • Intuitive Video Analysis to Determine Blockages to Speech 
  • (No Written Report)
  • 1 (One) 2-Hour Consultation Meeting
  • Guidance to shift the most concerning communication behaviors.
  • Support to Use Waves of Communication Online Resources to Independently Advance Your Skills as a Facilitator.
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Waves of communication
Starter Program - 11 Weeks

learn to be your child's primary spoken language facilitator
(or 5 monthly payments of $550)
$2,750 USD
  • Lifetime Access to Marci's Online Program
  • Intuitive Video Analysis to determine the current blockages to spoken language.
  • Analysis of your family's habits and patterns 10+ Page Report to detail what needs to change
  • 1 (One)Two-Hour Training Session
  • 2 (Two) 90-min Follow-Up Coaching Sessions
  • 3 Months of Email Support 
  • Guidance to Use Waves of Communication Online Resources for Self-Support and Independent Learning
Waves of communication
One-Year program

Develop independence and train others to facilitate spoken language with your child
(or 8 monthly payments of $550)
$4,400 USD
  • Lifetime Access to Marci's Online Program
  • Copy of Marci's Workbook
  • Video Analysis and PDF Report of Blockages to Spoken Language Development
  • 1 (One) Two-Hour Recorded Online Training Session
  • 4 (Four) One-Hour Individual Follow-up Coaching Sessions
  • Video Analysis Updates for One Year
  • 2 (Two) Weekly Opportunities to Ask Questions and Get Feedback on Your Progress to Stay Accountable
  • Email support to understand and navigate outside evaluations and reports

Are You Ready NOW to Invest in Natural Language Facilitation?

You must decide for yourself if natural language facilitation is your best option to solve the problems that you are facing now and prepare your child for challenges they face in their future as a late-talker. That is because the outcomes of natural language facilitation lies with parents and caregivers, and not with any professional, even the best in the business like Marci. 

Natural Language Facilitation Requires a BIG Investment, Because You are Creating BIG Change.

In addtion to coaching fees, you will need to plan to make the investment of your time as well as physical and mental energy for long term results. In fact, some of your basic (and unconscious) habits and patterns of everyday life will need to change if you want to see a REAL difference in your child's communication.

Are YOU ready to take responsibility to learn what is needed and put in the daily work to achieve the best possible spoken language outcomes?

Book a Complimentary Strategy Session appointment and discuss your child and your family's struggles before enrolling in coaching.
NOTE: Strategy session appointments are reserved for STARTER and ONE-YEAR programs.

Personal Community Coaching Membership

Pay-as-you-learn until you feel confident and empowered as your child's facilitator.
WOC Community Online "Office Hours" Offered 2X a Week

$550 USD charged monthly until you have developed independence.
  • Exclusively for parents who have experienced training via Marci Melzer's books or online course.
  • Two sessions to choose from: Monday or Thursday
  • Send videos and/or workbook pages for analysis of your connection and language models.
  • Inclusion in Marci's private Facebook or MeWe social community​.

Don't Have the Funds Available for Personal Coaching?
Start With Marci's Online Independent Study Course

For a Fraction of the Cost!

Watch this Parent Testimonial Video
to learn one family's story
Researcher Mom of a 9-Year-Old Late-Talker Promotes Natural Language Facilitation and Waves of Communication Coaching
After years of speech therapy, full-time ABA, and following every advice in the system, Idil's family was stuck with limited outcomes. No professional was able to help their son use spoken language naturally even though he was saying words. This late-talker's experiences created so much underlying anxiety and blockages to speech, that progress could not continue beyond some basic lables and scripted sentences.
Language Facilitation Found Their Super-Smart Late-Talker's Speech
After investing in language facilitation, this family is now always aware when blockages to speech come up in their life. They have developed new habits to navigate any environment and they are using a variety of resources to stay on track every day. Tune in to this video and listen to Idil share her family's journey to speech.
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