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Here is What Parents are Saying About Their Experience

Shweta has a 3-year-old late-talker.
"Marci is our super power :) .
My son is close to 3 years old, he used to label well but was not conversational and not make many meaningful sentences till about 3 weeks back.
My son has been a case of Otis media with recurrent infections and speech delay. We were very worried and started using flash cards and other means to have our child talk. We taught him words and therefore he labelled well with 1-2 words and putting forward his needs either by showing us what he needs or by using 1-2 words. Since he was not very confident in using natural language confidentially, he did not engage much in group activities and had very little participation in his childcare. His childcare said, he is brilliant but he is not social and that made us worry more. Our recent pead visit was heart breaking since my son refused to interact with her, he just completely shut down in front of her and therefore she raised red flags, which made me so fearful and worried that I was scared of taking any speech therapy or seek any help. The question of ‘what if’ somebody labels my child came to mind and I didn’t know what to do. I knew he is fine and just needed some time and help and I wasn’t sure how to help him. I was along side watching Marci’s videos but wasn’t sure how would she be able to help us, I knew her videos, her strategies made a lot of sense but my fear just stopped me till I saw her video of how middle ear infection is misdiagnosed as autism. It just explained our situation and I told my husband let’s talk to her, she will understand us. I think connecting with Marci and taking her program was one of the best decisions we made. She heard us and understood our problems, unfortunately not many educated professionals have the time nowadays to listen to parents and what they feel. Her strategies have helped us, our son is making sentences, not only with us but also with his caretakers...he is engaging in activities in just 3 weeks. It’s like magic. We still will take time to get to the next level of conversations and for him to start interacting more with his friends but there is a huge difference in his confidence and his speech and how he asks for things and shops for himself, it feels like a dream come true.
Marci’s videos on parents fear and other videos with new strategies have made ‘us’ so confident, my mind is at peace, I can focus better with my son and pay more attention to facilitate his language development.
I highly recommend Marci and can’t thank her enough :) . "
 ~ Shweta 
Tracy Has a 6-year-old Late-Talker.
After 2 years of trying everything to get our late talker to make meaningful eye contact to even attempt communication, we found Waves of Communication. Marci created a customized program specifically created for our child to get us, his parents on the right path to communication naturally.
The concept of this program gives the power back to the parents because our children love and learn the most from us, not schools, hourly therapy sessions, etc. We naturally teach our children everything and Marci integrates this with her speech program.
Marci also brings so much knowledge beyond the basic WOC program. She helped us transition our son out of ABA and into a school program that matches language facilitation strategies and it is now producing amazing results! She is a wealth of knowledge and strategies that we have come to rely on heavily for our son’s success.
Marci and her WOC program are a gift to the world of late talkers and their families.
I’ve saved more than I’ve spent for a lifetime consultant who is constantly finding new ways to help my son excel. What she has done not only for us but for other families in the WOC community, has been
That’s another benefit to her program, it is an online community of other
WOC families around the world who share information too.
We need more people like Marci Melzer in this world to keep up with this epidemic, our children deserve the best and Marci teaches parents how to not only reach their children but to teach their teams and supports how to do it as well. Once all are on board you will see results that will blow your mind!
Thank you, Marci, for all you do for our son and other late talkers all over the world. ~ Tracy
Success after Vaccine Injury for Two Late-Talkers!
 Here's Kate's Story:

“We have had much success with the waves of communication program! After 2 years of no verbalization with a traditional pecs system, Marci's guidance just got us our 1st letters just yesterday since vaccine injury 3 years ago!”

Kate has 4 kids, including a set of triplets and 2 of them are late-talkers! She and her family have received a plan that helps them address each of their children in a way that fits with their family lifestyle.

 Kate has worked SO hard on her strategies and it certaily shows! She is seeing amazing new language more and more each day!

Kate’s kiddos have been in ABA and speech therapy for years and now that they are using more language, their ABA time is being replaced with socializing and playing together more! It happened remarkably quickly too.

Kate says: “I couldn’t imagine faster progress than this. Nonverbal and anxious to saying his alphabet and words in 8 weeks.”

Natasha Helped Her Daughter Find Speech When Others Gave Up On Her Child!

Here is a remarkable testimonial from a WOC parent who saw amazing progress with her daughter who has multiple medical issues! 💗

I’ll be forever grateful for Marci’s help. She is one of the very few professional people who didn’t get stumped with My daughter Charli’s medical conditions. Or say to me just keep doing what you’re doing (with little hope that anything would change).  

We live in Australia so we were a little bit nervous trusting someone on the other other side of the world who we had never met. But after talking with Marci and watching all of her Facebook videos. I knew that we had to give it a go.  Especially since what we had been doing for years and years wasn’t working. 

Charli was born with a few medical conditions the main one being a mal-formed brain. Marci explained to me where the blockages are and she taught me the tools to get Charli past the blockages and to get Charli to use her words naturally. 

And it’s working!  It’s working quicker than traditional speech therapy has too! 

Her speech and confidence has improved. Charli herself has seen an improvement too. So much so she is trying to teach her little sister how to talk! 

Charli is just at the beginning of her language facilitation journey. But our family is thrilled and surprised to see Charli’s success with her speech and look forward to seeing even more progress.

I definitely recommend language facilitation. Marci is a wealth of knowledge. and it’s one of the best leaps of faith we have done. Thank you Marci 😀 
~ Natasha
Valerie never let an ASD diagnosis stop her from digging in and helping her 4-year-old gain natural speech.
Valerie's Comment: (1 day after starting her strategies.) 
"I am so excited. Had my first session with Marci on Monday night and started implementing the language facilitation strategies with my 4.5 year old late talker yesterday. 

The first day she used new words to make 3 separate requests! That has never happened! It was like she has just been waiting for me to figure out how to help her access words to use to communicate and now that i have she is seeing that talking is fun and useful! She was as excited as I was when I understood her immediately and we didn't have to go through the frustrating process of my trying to figure out what she wanted. I am so excited to hear what she says next! Thank you Marci.

 Valerie Update: (13 days after starting strategies) 

I just have to post another update! It has been less than 2 weeks since we started working with Marci and the progress continues to blow me away. My baby is 4.5 years old with a diagnosis of receptive/expressive language delay, autism, and global developmental delay. 2 weeks ago words were a constant battle and almost NEVER used. 

Grabby hands and my guessing was kinda working but EVERYONE in this house was getting more and more frustrated. Using the plan Marci set up for us we began having IMMEDIATE results. 

And tonight... we went to the grocery store (usually a screaming, pointing, grabbing exercise in survival) and my rockstar kid used her words to request 13 separate foods she wanted! 

There was no shrieking, no me picking up various things trying to figure out what she wanted, and we actually ENJOYED our time at the store! Even the cashier commented on how happy she was tonight (we are well known at our Publix bc how can you not be when one of you has consistently screamed bloody murder throughout the store)! 

Did I mention this is all in less than 2 weeks?!? 

Seriously I have tried EVERYTHING over the years and within 2 weeks it is like words have just opened up to her! The best part is to see how happy she is when she realizes she is understood! Priceless!
Monica and Johan have a 3-year-old  late talker.

“I love the way Marci is guiding us to become language facilitators for our late talking son. She makes it simple and straightforward. We saw results from week one and are thrilled.

We can do this ourselves we don’t need to see a therapist and have someone else teach our child on specific appointments.

We use the tools Marci has given us after our strategy session and our boy is responding well and is enjoying, and having fun learning new words and ways to communicate. A great big thanks to you Marci for sharing your knowledge and making a huge difference in our lives now and in our son’s future!”
~ Monica

“My son is using new words. Two weeks after meeting Marci I have tools, methods and a strategy I can use to help my son learn new words. I am grateful we found Marci and I can highly recommend her to other parents who want to help their late talking children to start using new or more words. Thank you Marci for making this service available!”
~ Johan
Somer and Zach have a late talker who suffered from many ear, nose, and throat issues. Even after medical intervention, their daughters speech was completely unintelligible.
Here's their story:
(3 weeks after starting strategies)
Waves of Communication and Marci have been an amazing blessing to our family and for our 5 year old daughter. We have had a very long road and elective surgeries to assist in trying to improve her speaking.

We have only been working a few weeks with Marci and we are seeing such huge improvements in our daughter. She is slowing down and trying to articulate more accurately and it has been very beneficial for her.

I am so excited that feel extremely blessed that we found Marci and she is helping us as Language Facilitators help our daughter. She is at my fingertips if I have a bad day and need the extra help if I feel like I have hit a wall.

But that is the beautiful thing, Marci can intuitively see what we can not, and predict where those problems are and guide us as the parents to be prepared and move through those issues. She has been given a very beautiful gift and our family is forever grateful for her in our lives. 

Here's Somer's update after 2 months in the program:

Marci has done so much for my family! Her 30 years of SLP experience has helped my daughter so much in just the last two months I have been with her.I would recommended Marci over and over and over. She has helped me become a Language Facilitator Parent! Which is a dream for me. 

We have tried all different types of Speech language since my 5 1/2 year old was just barely 2 years old. From in home speech therapy and out-patient speech therapy and school speech therapy.

Marci is really onto something with Late talking children. I have been in the classroom myself as a teachers aide and because a child is behind in speech they get put under the Autistic Spectrum, because that umbrella is so large. 

That isn’t always the case, some kids are so bright and healthy and are just late talkers. My daughter had chronic fluid on and off of her years which it took years to discover.

I would recommend to give Waves of Communication a shot! We had tried it all and paid out of pocket thousands of dollars on other therapies that didn't work and Marci had a specific insight on my sweet daughter and how she worked.

Marci has changed our lives!!!!! I can not express how amazing she is and how she’s set up her program. She is with me through the entire process of my daughters progression of speech!

It is so important to me and my family that I get to have her walk me through this process and she is holding us accountable to better language!

We are so grateful we found her and now my daughter by fall gets to have a fair chance in a private Christian school! How amazing, considering how long this journey has been for our family!

You will never know true heartache until you witness you perfectly bright and healthy child not be able to express themselves or be understood by all of those around them, like their own peers, and family and friends!

That is why if you are questioning it you should do it! Marci is really onto something and I would have done anything to find someone like her when my daughter was 2 yrs old.

Marci has helped slow us down and keep up steady in our everyday life and our lives are forever different because of her. My daughter just had a huge dance recital and because she’s so proud of her speech it has added to her confidence!
Thank Goodness we have Marci!
Olivia and Charlie Helped Their 4-Year-Old Late-Talker Overcome Significant Speech Sound Issues

We have been working with Marci for about 4 months now. Prior to Marci, we had spent 10 months attending traditional speech therapy 3 times a week. We had a therapist who we loved and made therapy fun. She gave great homework to make practice fun too.
But in all fairness, it was exhausting. After 10 months I was worn out from driving back and forth and it took my full afternoon 3 days a week to coordinate and attend therapy. It appeared our son was wearing out too. He was making progress but his confidence in talking to others was dwindling. He was starting to withdraw from trying when he wasn’t understood.
Furthermore, I felt like he was missing out on all the other “toddler like activities” because Our time was all around speech. My other boys were also not seeing me as much as I wasn’t able to make their school functions, and I had backed out of work commitments to make new speech commitments. My world was quickly becoming all about helping my son talk. Our speech therapist was telling me my son would need speech for another 2-3 years. I felt overwhelmed. I would do anything if that is what he needed, but I wanted a better solution.
I stumbled upon Marci while looking for speech ideas for home. I watched her videos for a couple months prior to contacting her. It sounded like what I needed but I was so nervous to stop doing something that was showing progress. I talked it over with our speech therapist and she recommended I give it a trial period.
The cost of the program was equivalent to what i paid in co-pays for 3 months of therapy so it seemed an easy transition to try for 3 months.
In the past 4 months my son has gone from only engaging verbally with family with 2-3 word phrases to initiating conversation at school in full sentences.
If I am being transparent “our therapy” doesn’t feel like we are doing much. I just interact with my child like we typically do while adding a few changes in the way I talk and it has made such a significant difference. I send Marci updated videos and she gives a few pointers and off to play we go. But these are things I do in our typical day ie, car ride or while getting ready in the morning. It is functional, applicable, and its working. Not to mention we have our life back!
We are still working on slowing down for clarity and we have some articulation work to do, but just this past week we had a friend come over we hadn’t seen in a month and she expressed unprompted how much clearer his speech has become in the last month.
This is such big news.
I understand that when testing if a therapy is working you often have to take into account natural development along with treatments provided. In this 4 month period of time, our 5th son was stillborn. I continued with my recasting and other techniques but didnt add to it. Just in the past month I have started to become more focused again. Hence, why our friend noticing a big difference in the last month was such big news. There is so much to be said for making therapy fun and functional: it has increased my sons internal motivation and his confidence.
I can’t recommend Marci enough. She does such an excellent job of meeting your child where they are and finding ways to engage them with their interests. I love her daily videos of ideas, especially the holiday videos that help kids to be successful with things that late talkers normally struggle with ie, trick o treating, going to see Santa, etc.
By Nikki Pennington, Blogger and
The First Waves of Communication Parent

He knew one day you would be sitting in a pediatricians office and hearing that your child has a speech delay. 

He knew you would need someone to help you fight your fears and navigate the road ahead 

So God made Waves of Communication
He knew you would need someone who would see your child just the way you do. Someone that would see all their potential, their hard work and their heart instead of their labels 

So God made Waves of Communication 
He knew your baby would need someone that was just like you, not willing to give up on your child and would see their soul and hear their words when they couldn’t even speak instead of just their chart and their milestones 

So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would want to fix this for your baby, that you would want to do this all on your own but there would come a day when you would realize you needed someone’s help. 

You would need someone to become a part of your village and walk this journey with you hand in hand, side by side
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew there would be times when this journey would feel heavy, when it would feel lonely and even draining but He also knew he could make someone that would help you carry the heaviness in your heart and help you feel less alone on this walk

So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would need someone that to jump for joy over the smallest victories and cry with you over the hardships

So God made Waves of Communication

He knew there would be times you would simply need to hear someone say, “You are doing a great job Mom” and “I know this speech journey isn’t easy but we will get there together”

So God made Waves of Communication

He knew this journey wouldn’t be easy, that there would be obstacles and that hearing your child speak might not come easy. There would be days filled with endless tears and others where your heart is so filled with joy for your child and so many days in between and you would need someone who would be willing to be there for all those days, all those moments

So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would need just the right person to be by your side when you hear your child say “I love you” for the very first time or reach that milestone you’ve been longing to reach for so long 

So God made Waves of Communication
Nikki's Story:
"It was a little over three months ago we met Miss Marci
I will tell anyone I meet that I’m positive she has angel wings hidden

I found myself in a fog trying to figure out the next best thing to help my baby talk. That’s when my road led to Miss Marci

After two minutes on the phone with her, I knew she was our person. It was confirmed when she sent me a confirmation text later to tell Neil she couldn’t wait to meet him.Neil was saying very few words and was barely putting sentences together.

Now here we sit around three months later and he says so many words, he says two to three-word sentences and is saying more and more daily.

You see, Marci came in and became family.

She’s not only been in our circle but in our corner every step of the way. She’s not only been Neil’s biggest cheerleader but mine as well. She rejoices with me over all of Neil’s accomplishments and she cries with me during the times when I need a good cry because this journey can be tough and scary all at the same time.

Miss Marci gave Neil the ability to tell me he loves me and that is something this mom has no way of repaying and we will forever be grateful to her for it.

We still have a long road ahead of us but with the progress, we’ve made and the amazing foundation Marci has given us, I have no doubt we will get where we need to be on this speech journey

We love you Marci!

Update after 1 year of language facilitation work with WOC:

I wish I could sing Marci’s praises all day long. Another major milestone on our speech journey was accomplished last night.

For a little over a year we’ve only been working with Marci and only using her tools. Our son went from being “non-verbal” where he was talking but not being understood by anyone really to talking now in sentences AND last night for the first time saying his full name first and last without being prompted.

All we’ve ever seen while working with Marci and using her tools is progress, progress, progress
We wouldn’t be here without Marci ❤️
Carolyn's Story:
"December is one of those months where every day brings reminiscing of so many different feelings especially the last 4 years for some reason 
Today I’m having one of those times as Makai gets ready to go to Christmas program rehearsal... a year ago I never thought this could happen.

Last year at this time we could tell he had a million questions and so much to say, but instead of learning new words he was actually talking less. He had a lot of meltdowns out of frustration, and we didn’t know how to help him. After many phone calls and wait lists we had nothing more than a scary potential “diagnosis” .... and more insurance company frustration and more wait lists. After a lot of searching, we met Ms. Marci Melzer. We were hoping she would be a good alternative to driving at least 30-45 min to an office twice/week for Makai to be silently shy for 30 min.

Thankfully we were right! After a few sessions, Makai was learning to open his mouth wide to say words and wasn’t afraid to say them wrong in order to learn to say them correctly! He has since been able to tell us he knew was saying things wrong, so he didn’t want to say them at all!

Being able to communicate has helped his confidence and finally, let us hear what all is going on in his little mind. He will always probably be shy and that’s just fine, because now when he has something to say he CAN and he has the confidence to do so

We are so thankful that a year ago we met someone who helped Makai, and who helped us learn to teach him too! A year later,

 I can’t wait to see him on stage sing some Christmas songs at church with all his little friends tomorrow"

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