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Interactive Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

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My step-by-step process has helped parents all over the world happily find their children's spoken language with FUN and positive strategies - NATURALLY.

How Does the 4- Hour Workshop Help Parents and Caregivers?

Part One - Learn What is Keeping the Child Stuck.

  • Connect: learn to see the journey from the child's perspective so you can teach the speech THEY need.
  • Analyze: Identify current functional spoken language levels and current blockages to speech.
  • Motivate: Reach and teach resistant late-talkers to listen and trust.

 Part Two - Develop a Plan to Facilitate Development

  • Facilitate: Learn how "Language Facilitation Talk" will help you start to hear more FUNctional speech faster.
  • Expand: Learn how to expand singing, repeated phrases, and behaviors into speech that everyone can understand.
  • Plan: Learn how to create a plan that incorporates daily intensive language facilitation without burning out.

What is Included in the Program Cost?
$47 (USA)

Materials - All the resources you need to change your entire plan.

  • Online Self-Analysis Tool: Complete an in-depth analysis of to understand your child's development experience.
  • PDF Workshop Guide: 56-page download with level charts and dozens of facilitation strategies fully explained. 
  • Video Links: Access some of my best videos to learn why and how to implement strategies for your best outcome.

Experience - Practice and support to consistently use NEW habits.

  • Practice: Practice using "Language Facilitation Talk" to replace prompting and performance-based habits.
  • Expand: Create targeted activities that will attract and empower any late-talker to choose speech over behavior.
  • Plan: Work cooperatively as a team with family and caregivers to consistently facilitate speech evolution.

Did You Miss the LIVE Workshop? 
No Worries! 
Access the Workshop Recording/Download the Materials

Get the same information as the live attendees with the added convenience of reviewing everything on your schedule.

  • Workshop Tool: Access the Self-Analysis Survey. 
  • Workshop Materials: 56-page Workshop Handout.
  •  YouTube Links: Avoid searching to access more training.
  • Add-On Low-Cost Consult: Talk about your child and receive coaching.

Marci is Offering A One-Hour Personal Consultation Appointment
(Only for Workshop Attendees)

Limited spots are available - Look for a special ONE-TIME invitation on the registration page.

You can start your journey NOW with my workbook.

Soumya - Reviewed in India (Amazon.🇮🇳) on 30 June 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended!

This workbook is the best for the parents of late talkers. Such systematic approach can't be found in any other books, nor you will find it from your therapists. No therapists actually explain about the strategies that parents need to follow. This book is so systematic that we feel confident to help our late talking child.

Definitely go for this if you are really ready to dedicate your 100 percent to help your child, rather than trusting and spending lots of money on speech therapy.

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