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Here is What Parents are Saying About Their Waves of Communication Coaching Experience

🌊Marci is an exceptionally great coach for people in dire need who can only dream to see their kids talking and listening. Her techniques are so unique yet simple to understand. Her technique of empowering parents rather than outside therapy is such a great point all the therapists need to understand.

🙂After meeting Marci for the first time she was fantastical and really put things into prospectuses for me where I needed to go and how to be. Until this point nobody had ever sat me down and said try this try that.

🌊Marci was a Godsend when we were scared and did not know what to do. We are still working through it but are much more relaxed now since we started seeing results with Marci's methods. Thank you Marci!

🙂Marci is very helpful and most importantly honest when I am wrong and rightfully praises when I am right
Very supportive and helpful in focusing on the most important things and not getting sidetracked.

🌊Marci has been wonderful to my family from day 1! She listens, understands and gives us the correct feedback to continue forward!

🙂Marci has great tips and strategies for my child specifically - that work and show results fast.

🌊This is the best strategy for spoken communication. Traditional speech therapy is not good. I got this awareness from waves of communication. Thanks a lot to Marci ma'am.

🙂Of all the things out there, Marci has been a breath of fresh air. She offers the most positive and empowering approach to helping my son Asher in his speech and development. I love the fact that she is adamant that he is NOT autistic, when that is the label that everyone else so readily dishes out.

🌊Marci puts the power in our hands, and makes us realize that the results we see are in direct proportion to the effort we put in. Marci is direct and honest in her advice. She's always there to get us back on track when we get side tracked chasing 'shiny objects' looking for a quick fix.

🙂Marci has always been supportive and always gives the right advice. Her analysis and suggestions have always helped us :)

🌊Marci is motivated and enthusiastic. I like being able to just check in and have a professional available to bounce ideas with and empower me to stick at language facilitation when progress is very slow.

🙂Marci has been my guide in helping me in this journey. The way of talking expressively, describing feelings for my son, saying out loud what my son is feeling, tips on improving his listening, avoiding asking questions are some of the things I have learnt from Marci. My son’s understanding has become better because of language facilitation. I am extremely thankful to you Marci.Keep up your great work.

🌊Great coaching. Excellent response times.

🙂Marci was a Godsend. We found Marci on Facebook and watched all of her videos. Marci was a pleasure to work with and had great advice and feedback to help us on our journey with Charli.

🌊I have to say that for me and my child, one of the biggest advantages from the program was getting my husband to get involved in the process, as the individual meeting with Marci made him approach the whole situation very differently than before. For my child it was very important to see both parents going for the same goal and having the same approach towards her. 🙏Today I'm a proud mother of a 7.5 y/o girl who goes to school and talks and can be understood by everyone, although there is a little bit more work to be done, as her speech is not fully grammatically correct.

🙂Natural language facilitation is very empowering for parents who are told by the system that a) they have a limited future for their children b) they need to defer to therapists to see progress. Marci gives you the tools to engage your child in meaningful ways and create connections. If your child needs speech support, this is definitely an approach you should consider.

🌊Marci was the first speech therapist that actually listened to me and tried to help Charli learn to speak. Other speech therapists would tell me that I was doing a good job and just keep doing what you're doing. Marci was able to tell me what I was doing wrong just from 3 short videos and gave us such an in-depth report that taught me how to help Charli find her words again.

🙂Marci is awesome. We are happy with her guidance and it's very helpful and motivational.Talking to her gives me positivity and more courage to face the struggles we have. She never judges any child and always trusts the kids more than anyone.Keep doing it Marci :)

🌊Joining this life time program is worth every penny as I get lifetime access to discuss my queries as the videos are analyzed thoroughly and comments are shared by Marci .I also watch replay recording if the parents are in the similar situation as mine.

🙂Marci is doing God's Work! She has continued to help families like mine feel as if they have a chance to be the one to actually help their child!

🌊Marci's approach, techniques and thought process in empowering the parents were found to be thoughtful and intuitive in helping us to use language functionally and more spontaneously. We were delighted to see our girl putting words into phrases functionally within a few weeks.

🙂Marci was so spot on in identifying the problem with our girl. We adapted to language facilitation habits and we see our girl learning new things and using new words everyday. Working with Marci and joining the lifetime program was the best investment we have ever done.

🌊Marci nailed my sons issue. She got us on track on how to facilitate language not force.

🙂Best decision our family ever made. Marci is amazing and helps me stay accountable to actually see I could do the work to help my child!

🌊Marci has given a lot of insight on how to understand our own child and how to do slow talking, waiting for the answer and stop prompting her. Now, when we look at our old videos , we can see there was so much Q&A and prompting. We did so much but so little language facilitation. Now we understand getting in the zone and how to teach our kid in a fun loving way.

🙂Love how understanding Marci is when it comes to having everyone against you trying to label the kids just because they are not in the same range as they’re peers.

🌊Fantastic support and ideas, just can’t wait to get back on board, taking a step back from strategies while my child recovers from current health struggles. Fingers crossed, it won’t be long. Grateful to have lifetime access to return to with a child who has chronic illness.

🙂Marci is very loving and genuine. She cares about both parents and kids. Having a special needs child it is very important to have someone that is knowledgeable and cares.

🌊Loved Marci’s unique approach with tools and advice that no other specialist has offered.

🙂Marci has always been a huge support. She understands the child's behavior and suggests strategies accordingly.

🌊Marci was helpful and always improvising.

🙂Marci shows an excitement working with kids that we can all learn! She really does try to make language fun!

🌊Marci is a wonderful parent coach and she has the ability to help in any situation possible! My experience with Marci has been amazing.

🙂We had the greatest experience with Marci during our journey. Marci is as awesome as always. She can customize the strategies exactly to what my kid needed. We saw lots of improvements with eye contact, listening, coordination, play and speech. The greatest part of this program we love is lifetime access.

Case Studies

Chloe is helping her 3 y/o late talker cope with recurring ear fluid, late-talking behaviors, AND working on her mindset at the same time to stay on track for long-term progress.

"I have to tell you, the language Facilitation is doing absolute wonders for Asher! I have seen more changes in the last 2 days of doing the Language Facilitation than 3 months of doing this other therapy (where in many ways he seemed to actually get worse).  I have actually been able to talk him into doing things, such as come in from outdoors and even take nasal spray medicine, that were all previously a huge struggle. TRULY AMAZING!

He is SO happy and SO connected to me now when before he would scream and/or run away when I tried to teach him.  This morning I was talking to him and I have never seen him so calm, happy and regulated."

"It is my mindset that has been blocking my communication with my son!
I focus on the present moment and my shared experience with Asher using my language facilitation, this is what creates the connection and this is what he needs!"

Chloe is using weekly coaching sessions to keep herself on track and stop worrying when progress is inconsistent due to recurring ear fluid.

I have a tendency to overthink, worry, stress, analyze, get preoccupied and caught up in fear, so I start looking outside of myself for answers and solutions. I have realized what Marci means now by mindset traps.
These tricks of my mind are blocking me from being the best language Facilitator.

"We need to stop thinking / worrying / over analyzing (definitely my problem) and just execute with faith! You will see results! Just don't look for the end result of speech before you put in the work to facilitate listening."

What I've realized is that its a process.
First you will get more eye contact, more listening, then more understanding, and then changes in expressions, more happiness and connection! And I know we are desperate for those words to come, but other things need to come first. And once there's a firm foundation of the other things the words will follow. And we have to stay strong, focused and consistent in our efforts, and know that in doing LF we are doing the best thing to help our children talk!
😃 Thank you so much for all of your amazing advice!
Shweta and Akhil have a 6-year-old late-talker who was nearly misdiagnosed with autism at 3 years old and is NOW a chatterbox at 6.
"Marci is our super power 🙂"

When son was close to 3 years old, he used to label well but was not conversational and not make many meaningful sentences till about 3 weeks back.
He had a case of Otis media with recurrent infections and speech delay that we now know was the root of his late talking.

We were very worried and started using flash cards and other means to have our child talk. We taught him words and therefore he labelled well with 1-2 words and putting forward his needs either by showing us what he needs or by using 1-2 words. Since he was not very confident in using natural language confidentially, he did not engage much in group activities and had very little participation in his childcare.

His childcare said, he is brilliant but he is not social and that made us worry more. Doctor visits were heart breaking since my son refused to interact with professionals, he just completely shut down in front of her and therefore she raised red flags, which made me so fearful and worried that I was scared of taking any speech therapy or seek any help.

The question of ‘what if’ somebody labels my child came to mind and I didn’t know what to do.

I knew he is fine and just needed some time and help and I wasn’t sure how to help him. I was watching Marci’s videos on YouTube but wasn’t sure how would she be able to help us, I knew her videos, her strategies made a lot of sense but my fear just stopped me till I saw her video of how middle ear infection is misdiagnosed as autism. It just explained our situation and I told my husband let’s talk to her, she will understand us.

I think connecting with Marci and taking her program was one of the best decisions we made. She heard us and understood our problems, unfortunately not many educated professionals have the time nowadays to listen to parents and what they feel.

Her strategies have helped us, our son started making sentences, not only with us but also with his caretakers...he also started engaging in activities in just 3 weeks. Language Facilitation works like magic.

We have taken time over the past 3 years to get to the next level of conversations, story telling and for him to start interacting more with his friends. There is a huge difference in his confidence and his speech and how he asks for things and shops for himself, and even has arguments and negotiations.

It feels like a dream come true.

Marci’s videos on parents fear and guidance with new strategies have made ‘us’ so confident, my mind is at peace, I can focus better with my son and pay more attention to facilitate his language development.
I highly recommend Marci and can’t thank her enough :) . "
Thanks ~ Shweta 
Tracy has helped her aggressive 6 y/o late talker who has been diagnosed with severe Autism interact sweetly with his twin brother and communicate more effectively with everyone within weeks.

Our son is a twin and he always had a very loving relationship with his brother, until the time after he became ill with PANDAS, around his 2nd birthday. That's when everything changed. He lost the ability to play, walk, and eat on his own, and the beautiful speech that had started to emerge completely stopped. He also became very isolated, hypersensitive, and showed aggressive behaviors such as hitting and biting when others tried to interact with him, including his twin.

After 2 years of trying everything to get our late talker to make meaningful eye contact to even attempt communication, we found Waves of Communication.

Marci created a customized program specifically created for our child to get us, his parents on the right path to communication naturally. After only a few days he started listening better and within weeks, we saw a whole new child who is now interested in "learning time" with all of us every day!

The concept of this program gives the power back to the parents because our children love and learn the most from us, not schools, hourly therapy sessions, etc.

We naturally teach our children everything and Marci shows us how to use what our child loves to help him. Marci and her parent coaching program are a gift to the world of late talkers and their families who are looking for solutions THEY can use.

I’ve saved more than I’ve spent for a lifetime consultant who is constantly finding new ways to help my son excel.

Marci also brings so much knowledge beyond helping our son learn to talk. She helped us transition our son out of ABA and into a school program that matches language facilitation strategies. The combination of the right school, ongoing communication, and support with strategies for us at home are producing amazing results!

Marci is a wealth of knowledge and strategies that we have come to rely on heavily for our son’s success.

We need more people like Marci in this world to keep up with this epidemic of autism. Our children deserve the best and Marci teaches parents how to not only reach their children but to teach their teams and supports how to do it as well.
Once all are on board you will see results that will blow your mind!
Thank you, Marci, for all you do for our son and other late talkers all over the world. ~ Tracy
Valerie found the keys to unlocking her daughter's functional speech FAST with Language Facilitation.

My baby is 4.5 years old with a diagnosis of receptive/expressive language delay, autism, and global developmental delay.
(1 day after starting strategies.) 
"I am so excited. Had my first session with Marci on Monday night and started implementing the language facilitation strategies with my 4.5 year old late talker yesterday. 

This is the first day she has used new words to make 3 separate requests! That has never happened!

It was like she has just been waiting for me to figure out how to help her access words to use to communicate
and now that I have, she is seeing that talking is fun and useful!

She was as excited as I was when I understood her immediately and we didn't have to go through the frustrating process of my trying to figure out what she wanted.
I am so excited to hear what she says next!

(13 days in program) 
I just have to post another update! It has been less than 2 weeks since we started working with Marci and the progress continues to blow me away.

2 weeks ago words were a constant battle and almost NEVER used. Grabby hands and my guessing was kinda working but EVERYONE in this house was getting more and more frustrated. Using the plan Marci set up for us we began having IMMEDIATE results. 

And tonight... we went to the grocery store (usually a screaming, pointing, grabbing exercise in survival) and my rock star kid used her words to request 13 separate foods she wanted! 

There was no shrieking, no me picking up various things trying to figure out what she wanted, and we actually ENJOYED our time at the store! Even the cashier commented on how happy she was tonight and we are well known at our grocery because of her screaming!

Did I mention this is all in less than 2 weeks?!? 

Seriously I have tried EVERYTHING over the years and within 2 weeks it is like words have just opened up to her! The best part is to see how happy she is when she realizes she is understood! Priceless!
Natasha helped Her daughter find REAL speech when others gave up On her child ever talking!

I’ll be forever grateful for Marci’s help. She is one of the very few professional people who didn’t get stumped with My daughter Charli’s medical conditions - the main one being a malformed brain.

All any professionals had to say to me was 'just keep doing what you’re doing' (with little hope that anything would change). We did not believe that speech was out of reach for Charli.

We live in Australia so we were a little bit nervous trusting someone on the other other side of the world who we had never met. But after talking with Marci and watching all of her Facebook videos. I knew that we had to give it a go.  Especially since what we had been doing for years and years wasn’t working. 

  Marci explained to me about Charli's mindset blockages to speech based on her physical challenges. She also taught me the tools to get Charli past her resistance to talking and to help her to use try harder to use her words naturally. 

And it’s working!  It’s working quicker than traditional speech therapy has too! 

Her speech and confidence has improved. Charli herself has seen an improvement too. So much so she is trying to teach her little sister how to talk! 

I definitely recommend language facilitation. Marci is a wealth of knowledge. and it’s one of the best leaps of faith we have done.
Thank you Marci 😀  ~ Natasha

Waves of Communication Could Be YOUR Solution Too

By Nikki Pennington, The First Waves of Communication Parent

He knew one day you would be sitting in a pediatricians office and hearing that your child has a speech delay. 

He knew you would need someone to help you fight your fears and navigate the road ahead.
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would need someone who would see your child just the way you do. Someone that would see all their potential, their hard work and their heart instead of their labels. 
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew your baby would need someone that was just like you, not willing to give up on your child and would see their soul and hear their words when they couldn’t even speak instead of just their chart and their milestones. 
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would want to fix this for your baby, that you would want to do this all on your own but there would come a day when you would realize you needed someone’s help. 
You would need someone to become a part of your village and walk this journey with you hand in hand, side by side.
  So God made Waves of Communication

He knew there would be times when this journey would feel heavy, when it would feel lonely and even draining but He also knew he could make someone that would help you carry the heaviness in your heart and help you feel less alone on this walk.
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would need someone that to jump for joy over the smallest victories and cry with you over the hardships.
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew there would be times you would simply need to hear someone say, “You are doing a great job Mom” and “I know this speech journey isn’t easy but we will get there together”.
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew this journey wouldn’t be easy, that there would be obstacles and that hearing your child speak might not come easy. There would be days filled with endless tears and others where your heart is so filled with joy for your child and so many days in between and you would need someone who would be willing to be there for all those days, all those moments.
So God made Waves of Communication

He knew you would need just the right person to be by your side when you hear your child say “I love you” for the very first time or reach that milestone you’ve been longing to reach for so long. 
So God made Waves of Communication

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