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For those who want to elevate your language facilitation outcomes, Marci has created a brand new tool to access 'Inspiration on Demand'.
The Language Facilitation Inspiration Card Deck
Develop New Habits
Now you can access Marci's proven language facilitation strategies and feel equipped and empowered ANYTIME you need some coaching.
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Why do you need these cards?
Parents and Caregivers are the BEST Language Facilitators
You have the opportunity every day to connect with late talkers and motivate them to try hard as they transform they nonverbal communication into speech that everyone can understand.
Elevate Your Training
Working with this card deck will help you to develop your natural intuitive ability to understand and interpret nonverbal communication behavior as you interact with late talkers doing everyday jobs.
The 'Inspired Action' recommended on these cards is intended to empower language facilitators to shift your mindset from seeking outside help to finding the source of inspiration within you.
You will learn to know for yourself exactly how to identify what habits and patterns in YOUR life are blocking speech and triggering unwanted communication behaviors.
With practice, you will learn to respond  to every behavior you see with just the right effective language facilitation strategy as a natural habit.
You will learn how to overcome common mindset traps of worry for the future, feeling inadequate in comparison to others, and frustration with lack of progress by making a plan to take focused action YOURSELF using resources you have available now.
You will transform yourself into a natural language facilitator!
Empower Late Talkers
Common ‘messages' from late talkers help you understand the complex thoughts and ideas they are trying to communicate through the behaviors you observe every day.
You will learn to find the 'language facilitation zone' where your language models become so super-interesting that late talkers will be eager to listen and learn spoken language from you.
Your language models will take on a whole new meaning, and as a result of your changes, language facilitators can expect a shift in behaviors, listening, and spoken language attempts quickly.
Your inspired daily demonstration and coaching will help late talkers learn to 'be like you' and ENJOY practicing spoken language with everyone.

Late talkers WANT to share their intelligence, feelings, as well as their own creative ideas and wisdom with EVERYONE they meet in life. Your easy-to-follow language models will demonstrate how spoken language is the best tool for communication.
The late talker will transform into a chatterbox!
Grow Your Team
Smart language facilitators will use these cards to educate and include siblings, extended family, neighborhood friends, teachers, and therapists on your team. This way you will facilitate many more unique language learning opportunities.
The example 'communication situations' offer inspiration to discuss your current habits and patterns surrounding speech. Your daily analysis of your own efforts will help you monitor progress and share the most effective strategies with others who care for the late talker.
Everyone involved in the late talker's life will come to understand how the results you all want will come FASTER when you maintain a GIVING mindset and work as a team to provide conscious language and social behavior examples instead of prompting speech.
 These cards will help you make the language learning process feel EASY, happy, safe, and FUN for everyone involved EVERY day.
You will transform the late talker's world into a positive, language-rich environment!

Limited copies of this one-of-a-kind card deck are available for the first edition early-release and Marci is offering a unique opportunity for a select few dedicated language facilitators to gain access and review the cards before this valuable resource becomes widely available to the public.

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