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Work with Marci personally when she travels to your area.
Home and Community Coaching
Use your family's everyday challenges to motivate the shift from behavior into speech.

Marci is Now Booking Limited in-Person Consultations in the Dubai Area
Appointments are Available Between January 15 and February 4, 2023 

You Can Overcome Persistent Challenges With 
Natural Spoken Language Facilitation.

The biggest challenges you face with your child are due to communication breakdown.

Disconnected from Interacting with People

Facilitate Listening and Comprehension
Learn what has caused your late-talker to disconnect from cooperative learning interactions and seek information from alternative sources.
Prompt Dependent or Resistant to Guidance

Facilitate Independence for Self-Care and Home Jobs
Learn what is causing your late-talker to resist becoming independent for their own care and participating as a contributing member in your household.
 Nonverbal Communication

Facilitate Social Expression Using Speech
Learn why your child is stuck at their current level of nonverbal communication and what is blocking the evolution of functional spoken language.
Limited Results from School or Therapy

Facilitate Successful Learning Opportunities
Learn what your late-talker needs in an educational and therapeutic setting and why current opportunities are failing to produce functional results.
Are You Ready to Facilitate REAL Development in Just 3 Days?
Progress happens quickly when Marci helps parents understand how powerful they are to influence change in communication now for functional long-term outcomes.
Develop the Mindset of a Facilitator
It's time to stop fighting over speech. Learn how your mood, attitude, presence of mind, and motivation for every action you take directly affect your results.
Support Independence Through Everyday Jobs
 No more tricks or bribes to get things done. Learn to provide structure and training throughout the day and make every job seem valuable, easy, and enjoyable.
Motivate the Shift from Behavior into Speech
Learn how to interpret the true communication messages behind every behavior and offer spoken language models that are more helpful and valuable to your child.
Equip Your Child for the Correct School
Learn to empower your late-talker to be confident socially, learning from everyone in their world. 
Find schools that offer social, and cooperative learning experiences.
Watch How Christine's Family Changed
Her 7-year-old with ASD made massive changes in just 3 days!
Independence and Responsibility
Manipulation and resistance behaviors such as screaming and running from the room were shifted into empowered self-responsibility to brush teeth, wash hands, and change clothes.
Able to Enjoy Shopping and Outings
Meltdowns in the mall were replaced by storytelling and fun conversations about how escalators work, how sharks find their food (which is not people) and remembering where we parked the car. 
Options for Consultation + Pricing
Comprehensive Analysis
*Required for all first-time consultations.
  • Outcome Goals: Understand blockages to spoken language; Learn strategies to evolve levels of development; Create a daily plan to motivate effort and cooperative learning.
  • Before you meet Marci: You will provide information about your journey and upload videos of the challenges you face for Marci's intuitive analysis.
  • Prepare for change: Review Marci's online course. Free access is provided.
  • 4-Hour home visit consultation with Marci.
  • Marci's 11-Week Journey to Speech Workbook will become the foundation of your plan. A copy is included with your consultation.
 Home Guidance for one day
Can be used as a follow-up analysis
or day two of home consultation.
  • Outcome Goals: Create strategies surrounding challenges you face at home; Learn how to motivate effort toward increasing spoken language effort and proficiency.
  • 4-hour home consultation with Marci.
  • Problem-solve situations about daily life and family issues in the home that cause you to feel frustrated or overwhelmed.
  • Empower all family members to develop intuitive interpretation and language modeling skills as well as cooperative teaching strategies.
  • Work with your 11-Week Journey to Speech Workbook to establish targeted, intensive plans for both short term wins and long-term evolution of skills.
One-Day Community Experience
Consultation in the community or school.
  • Outcome Goals: Create strategies surrounding challenges you face in the community; Increase confidence and motivation to use speech with more people.
  • 4-hour community consultation with Marci in the location that you choose.
  • Problem-solve situations regarding transport, dining, and community/social involvement.
  • Facilitate participation in group learning or entertainment experiences.
  • Work with your 11-Week Journey Workbook to share real data about your proven strategies with evaluators, therapists, or teachers.
  • Consult with community peers, caregivers, therapists, or teachers to facilitate cooperation and involvement in the natural language facilitation process for your child.

Cost-Saving Multi-Day Consultation Packages 

Intensive consultation packages are designed to help you significantly increase in your proficiency to facilitate the behavior and speech you want.

Choose the coaching option to match your family's needs and experience - Fees are in US dollars
Two-Day Experience
Analysis + One Other option
First time consultations must choose this option.
  • Comprehensive analysis as described above.
  • Choose either a Home or Community consultation experience for Day Two.
Two-Days of follow-up
Refresher consultation for families who have already worked with Marci.
  • Quick daily analysis to determine current levels using the 11 Week Journey to Speech Workbook
  • Choose Two days of coaching in your choice of location. May repeat location if you wish.
three-day experience
Most intensive training option designed for families who want the biggest change.
  • First time consults: Analysis + Two days consultation in your choice of location.
  • Repeat consults: Three days consultation in your choice of location + One 2-hour evening experience in home or the community.

*Transportation arrangements and potential additional fees for Marci's travel to your home will be determined at the time you book your consultation.

Schedule a Complimentary Call with Marci to Discuss Your Challenges and Book Your Home or Community Consultation

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