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Speech Delay Activates Communication Behaviors Often Misjudged to Be signs or "red flags" that something is WRONG with the Child.

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Learn what you CAN do when you disagree with your child's evaluation process and/or the results that you received.
The strategies commonly used to prompt kids to request are too limiting for kids who are actively developing speech. Learn easy phrases that equip kids to request.
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***** Read This Review From Amazon for Marci's Workbook and YouTube Videos
We started watching and implementing Marci's YouTube videos when my son was 4 yrs. Up until then he could speak 3-word sentences but rarely chose to speak. We knew in our hearts that he was just speech-delayed (possibly Einstein Syndrome) and we could help him without medical intervention.

After following Marci's videos, at 4.5 years he could speak up to 10-word sentences but mostly used simple sentences and still a fairly quiet kiddo.
Most of the day was no speaking. Just deep into his playing.

In December (4.75 yrs. old) we got the workbook and got another HUGE jump forward. Today is his 5th Birthday :)
Between the videos and the workbook these things happened the last two weeks:

#1 He sang along to the song on the radio. Not a song he knows from a favorite show, but a popular song on the radio.
Blew us away. He sang a few lines with the words.

#2 I did the "Marci 3". That's what we call the three sentences Marci teaches to use- explaining & describing things to our son. He looked into my eyes and told me sweetly to KEEP talking to him. He wanted me to keep weaving a conversation to him.
My heart just burst! After years of him covering my mouth and telling me to be quiet.

#3 He woke up and immediately told me about his dream. Not perfect sentences but I got the basics. I didn't even know that he got the concept dreams much less telling me about them. He woke up and just started telling me how he was a car on a roller-coaster road and then he fell into the water and then he woke up. Awesome!

#4 My son often rapidly babbles stories to himself while playing, walking or driving in the car. It's like he can't say real words at the speed that he is thinking so he babbles instead. The other day in the car he was babbling. I asked him what was story was he thinking about and for the first time he told me

My son is not yet speaking at a "typical" level. It is very obvious around his peers, but.....he is a CHATTER-BOX now.
We are finally having to tell him to be quiet LOL! 95% of his communication is spoken. We are working on clarity of speech and expanding his vocabulary.

I still watch every new video of Marci's and go back to the workbook if I feel things slipping.
This program literally changed our family. There is HOPE and progress where there was defeat just a year ago.

Invest in Comprehensive Training to Help You Motivate and Equip Your Child for Independent, Lifelong Language Learning

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😀 Support for a positive mindset and effective problem-solving when you feel stuck.
😀 Facilitate conversational speech in mulitple languages on your own schedule.

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Customized, Personal Coaching Helps Families Create An Enjoyable Everyday Experience Facilitating the Fastest Possible Development of Conversational, Social, Unprompted, FUNtional Language.

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Parents are EMPOWERED to Become Language Facilitators

"In this world of excessive quantification, codification and standardization, working with Marci felt like a breath of fresh air. I am an MSc. in neuroscience and I can tell you that she is totally aware of the latest research findings and the mainstream methods in the field of language delay. However, she doesn't let it limit her.
Marci gives equal weight to a sensitive, perceptive, intuitive and human approach. Trust me, that's a dying art. She helped us realize that all the child really needs is enabling language describing the truth for him or her at that moment. Simple common sense parenting that our grandmothers would do is really the most disentangling, smooth and liberating journey.
My family is now relaxed, thoroughly enjoying with our bright young man, constantly giving him language and allowing him the time, space and trust to blossom in his expression whenever he himself chooses to do so."
Devyani, Language Facilitator Mom - Starter Program
Marci's First Book Helps Parents Make the Process FUN!

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