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Welcome to Waves of Communication

You are not alone... Your child is ready to connect.

After working with thousands of families worldwide, I understand the problems you face living every day with a child who is not talking... yet. You see behaviors that are concerning and lack of development that causes you to worry. It may be tempting (or you may be receiving pressure) to seek remedies for problems you face, enroll your child in therapy, and give away the responsibility of natural spoken language facilitation.

But, YOU are the BEST speech facilitator your child will ever know, and they need YOU to help them.

I left the broken educational and healthcare systems to create a platform that equips and empowers parents and caregivers to facilitate better outcomes. You can do so much better for your family than the confusing, slow, frustrating, disempowering, and currently overwhelmed services that are available to families like yours, and, the process is a LOT easier than you think. 

Choose The Resources You Want to Begin Your Language Facilitation Journey TODAY.

You and Your Late-Talker Need NEW Solutions.

Speech delay Activates Communication Behaviors Often Misjudged to Be "red flags" that something is WRONG with the Child. 

Language Facilitation Helps ALL Late-Talkers
 INDEPENDENTLY Shift Communication Behavior into Unprompted Speech.

You Will never MAKE your child do anything.
Your intuitive connection is the key to motivating a late-talking child to CHOOSE to pay attention, listen, learn and USE the words/phrases they have memorized and
replace behaviors with functional speech.
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Work With Marci as Your Personal Coach/Consultant

Customized, personal coaching options offer just the right level of training, support, and accountability to help you create an enjoyable everyday experience. Coaching clients develop long-term habits and intuitively use EVERY experience as an opportunity for natural, cooperative teaching.

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Try Proven Language Facilitation Strategies Today 
 Start NOW by Watching One of Her 600+ Training Videos on YouTube. 

The Waves of Communication Channel empowers parents and caregivers to solve problems and facilitate new speech Every Day. Every video is a stand-alone class with enough information and guidance to help you understand what it takes to motivate the shift from behavior to speech.
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Marci's Books Guide Your Journey to Success

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Intuitive Natural Speech Facilitation
Comprehensive digital guide including links to trainings for lifelong language facilitation in more than 100 training videos.

11-Week Journey to Shift Behavior Into Speaking
Analyze and document your progress as you systematically facilitate the late-talker's shift from nonverbal communication behavior into functional speech.

If it isn't FUN it ISN'T fun Teach Your Child to Talk Faster Than Speech Therapy
Learn why the system is failing and how language facilitation helps parents find success when therapy could not.

In-Depth Training Via Marci's Online Course

Parents Everywhere Have Lifelong Access to One-Of-A-Kind Language Facilitation Training
Without Spending Thousands of Dollars.
😀 A step-by-step process that is EASY for the whole family to follow.
😀 Strategies to uncover what is blocking your child's natural spoken language.
😀 Guidance to use Marci's free resources with more skill to achieve better outcomes.
😀 Support for a positive mindset and effective problem-solving when you feel stuck.
😀 Facilitate conversational speech in mulitple languages on your own schedule.

Parents are EMPOWERED to Become Language Facilitators

"In this world of excessive quantification, codification and standardization, working with Marci felt like a breath of fresh air. I am an MSc. in neuroscience and I can tell you that she is totally aware of the latest research findings and the mainstream methods in the field of language delay. However, she doesn't let it limit her.
Marci gives equal weight to a sensitive, perceptive, intuitive and human approach. Trust me, that's a dying art. She helped us realize that all the child really needs is enabling language describing the truth for him or her at that moment. Simple common sense parenting that our grandmothers would do is really the most disentangling, smooth and liberating journey.
My family is now relaxed, thoroughly enjoying with our bright young man, constantly giving him language and allowing him the time, space and trust to blossom in his expression whenever he himself chooses to do so."
Devyani, Language Facilitator Mom - Starter Program
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