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Language Facilitator Parents and Caregivers Are Bypassing the stresses of misdiagnosis, pressure, judgement, Fear-Mongering, and lures of Inneffective "Miracle" treatments.
now is your chance to Help the late-Talker in your life Learn to Use Unpromted Speech in Weeks.
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'I am a happy and a proud mom today because of the mindset shift I was able to make. Using the Waves of Communication resources, I started crediting myself for the REAL functional gains my son started making.
I am NOW enjoying the present moment with my son rather than feeling guilty, frustrated, and disappointed over the other people's expectations of my son and also of me.
I am happy NOW!! I believe language facilitation will help us
find his speech.
Durga, Language Facilitator Mom
Language Facilitation Workbooks to Guide Your Process

Marci's 11-Week Language Facilitation Journey to Speech
A Guided Process to Maximize Spoken Language Outcomes


1-Year Language Facilitation Record
The Perfect Accountability Record/Journal for Experienced Language Facilitators!

*NEW* Language Facilitation Inspiration Card Deck

Marci has just created the perfect tool so language facilitators can access 'inspiration on demand' with her new card deck and guide book.


Customized Planning and Coaching Helps Families Experience the FASTEST Progress.
Parents are hearing new unprompted words within weeks.
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Learn How She Will Personally Guide You Through the Process as You Systematically Turn Your Late-Talker Into a Chatterbox.

Waves of Communication Independent Study Course
Parents Everywhere Can Access Language Facilitation
Training Without Spending Thousands of Dollars.

👍 A step-by-step process that is EASY to follow.
👍 Strategies to uncover the blockages to your child's natural spoken language.
👍 FUN activities that won't cause anxiety for you or your child.
👍 Develop a Language Facilitator mindset to keep your family on track long term.
Marci's First Book Helps Parents Make the Process FUN!

If it isn't FUN it ISN'T fun - Teach Your Child to Talk Faster Than Speech Therapy
is Available on Amazon in Paperback and E-Book as well as Audio Book format on Audible
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Try Marci's Proven Language Facilitation 
Strategies Today!
400+ FREE Training Videos on YouTube
Learn what is really causing the behaviors that trigger others to believe your child has ASD. 
The strategies used to get kids to say words fail to teach unprompted speech.
This EASY 7-day challenge offers you the opportunity to try NEW strategies that work fast.
Jen has been following my language facilitation strategies for 6 months and she has seen REAL improvement.

Listen in as Marci uncovers what has been blocking Jen's progress and guides her to move forward using her resources.

Read What Parents Are Saying about Their Experience:
Shweta Has a late-talker who was nearly misdiagnosed with autism.

"Marci is our superpower 

We were very worried.
The question of ‘what if’ somebody labels my child came to mind and I didn’t know what to do. 

I think connecting with Marci and taking her program was one of the best decisions we made. She heard us and understood our problems.

Our son is now a chatterbox and it all came from our efforts. Language facilitation works like magic.

Chloe is using weekly coaching sessions to keep herself on track and stop worrying when progress is inconsistent due to recurring ear fluid.

I have a tendency to overthink, worry, stress, analyze, get preoccupied and caught up in fear, so I start looking outside of myself for answers and solutions. I have realized what Marci means now by mindset traps.
These tricks of my mind are blocking me from being the best language Facilitator.

First you will get more eye contact, more listening, then more understanding, and then changes in expressions, more happiness and connection!

Natasha found help when no professional believed her daughter would talk.

We live in Australia so we were a little bit nervous trusting someone on the other other side of the world who we had never met. But after talking with Marci and watching all of her Facebook videos. I knew that we had to give it a go.  Especially since what we had been doing for years and years wasn’t working.

  Marci explained to me about Charli's mindset blockages to speech based on her physical challenges. She also taught me the tools to get Charli past her resistance to talking and to help her to use try harder to use her words naturally. 

And it’s working!  It’s working quicker than traditional speech therapy has too! 
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