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Language Facilitator Parents Are Bypassing the stresses of misdiagnosis, pressure, judgement, Fear-Mongering, and lures of Ineffective "Miracle" treatments.

families worldwide are even Facilitating multiple languages simultaneously.
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Customized, Personal Coaching Helps Families Experience the FASTEST Progress.
Late talkers who did not respond well to therapy are sharing new speech within weeks.
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Parents are EMPOWERED to Become Language Facilitators

"In this world of excessive quantification, codification and standardization, working with Marci felt like a breath of fresh air. I am an MSc. in neuroscience and I can tell you that she is totally aware of the latest research findings and the mainstream methods in the field of language delay. However, she doesn't let it limit her.
Marci gives equal weight to a sensitive, perceptive, intuitive and human approach. Trust me, that's a dying art. She helped us realize that all the child really needs is enabling language describing the truth for him or her at that moment. Simple common sense parenting that our grandmothers would do is really the most disentangling, smooth and liberating journey.
My family is now relaxed, thoroughly enjoying with our bright young man, constantly giving him language and allowing him the time, space and trust to blossom in his expression whenever he himself chooses to do so."
Devyani, Language Facilitator Mom - Starter Program

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Learn Marci's Step-By-Step Process to Find the Late Talker's Speech On Your Own. Choose the Best Option for Your Family From Her Many Inspirational Training Resources.

Waves of Communication Independent Study Course
Parents Everywhere Can Access Language Facilitation
Training Without Spending Thousands of Dollars.

👍 A step-by-step process that is EASY to follow.
👍 Strategies to uncover the blockages to your child's natural spoken language.
👍 FUN activities that won't cause anxiety for you or your child.
👍 Develop a Language Facilitator mindset to keep your family on track long term.
Marci's Work Book Guides Your Journey to Success

11-Week Language Facilitation Journey to Speech
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Marci's First Book Helps Parents Make the Process FUN!

If it isn't FUN it ISN'T fun - Teach Your Child to Talk Faster Than Speech Therapy
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Experienced Language Facilitators Stay on Track and Avoid Mindset Traps Through ALL of the Ups and Downs

1-Year Language Facilitation Record
Elevate Spoken Language Progress Naturally Over Time
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Strategies Today With ZERO $ Investment!
450+ FREE Training Videos on YouTube
Learn what is really causing the behaviors that trigger others to believe your child has ASD.
ALL Behavior is communication! Learn how to USE the behaviors you see to activate speech.
The strategies commonly used to get kids to say words fails to teach unprompted speech.
This EASY 7-day challenge offers you the opportunity to try NEW strategies that work fast.
Jen has been following my language facilitation strategies for 6 months and she has seen REAL improvement.

Listen in as Marci uncovers what has been blocking Jen's progress and guides her to move forward using her resources.

Read What Parents Are Saying about Their Experience:
Shweta Has a 3-year-old late-Talker.

"Marci is our superpower 

We were very worried.

Our recent doctor visit was heartbreaking since my son refused to interact with her, he just completely shut down in front of her and therefore she raised red flags, which made me so fearful and worried that I was scared of taking any speech therapy or seek any help. 

The question of ‘what if’ somebody labels my child came to mind and I didn’t know what to do. 

I think connecting with Marci and taking her program was one of the best decisions we made. She heard us and understood our problems.

Our son is making sentences, not only with us but also with his caretakers...he is engaging in activities also in just 3 weeks. It’s like magic.

Tracy Has a 6-year-old Late-Talker.

After 2 years of trying everything to get our late talker to make meaningful eye contact to even attempt communication, we found Waves of Communication. 

The concept of this program gives the power back to the parents because our children love and learn the most from us, not schools, hourly therapy sessions, etc. We naturally teach our children everything and Marci integrates this with her program.

Marci and her WOC program are a gift to the world of late talkers and their families.

I’ve saved more than I’ve spent for a lifetime consultant who is constantly finding new ways to help my son excel. What she has done not only for us but for other families in the WOC community, has been life-changing.

-  Tracy
Janaiah has a 7-year-old  Late-Talker.

After 4 years in a classroom setting, today is the first Corbin has made connections with his classmates.

The results of your program are so much more than speech. They provide a world our kids begin to trust and as they gain confidence in themselves, their abilities, and in each relationship they open up to so much more.

Speech has only been the tip of the iceberg for us. Watching our son engage with the world around him has been a gift beyond measure. 

- Janaiah 
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