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How Does Language Facilitation Help Late-Talkers?
What is Language Facilitation?
Language Facilitation is a method designed for parents to make learning to talk EASY, HAPPY, SAFE, and FUN for their late-talking kids older than 18 months with no limit on age.
What is Late-Talking?
Late-Talking is the term I use for all kids who are not talking YET. 

Late-talkers have the POTENTIAL to use spoken language, however, they have experienced some physiological or environmental influence at key language development ages (beetween 9 mos. - 2 years) that caused them to be unable to learn language naturally.

Many late-talkers are diagnosed with (or suspected to have) many different diagnoses, including Autism, ASD, Apraxia, Global Developmental Delay, Hyperlexia, Down's Syndrome, Developmental Language Disorder, Dyspraxia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Specific Language Impairment, Expressive or Receptive Language Disorder, and many others.

It doesn't matter how old your child is, you as parents have the best opportunity to help them learn to use natual spoken language with everybody.
How does Waves of Communication Help Families?

We help parents understand WHY their child is not talking and what is blocking the natural language learning process.

Late-talking children are often very effective at using their nonverbal communication methods, especially when they are home with their parents.  They become comfortable in their nonverbal language and RESIST using words, even when they KNOW how to say them.

Frustrating, Right?

Marci Melzer developed Waves of Communication to equip and empower parents to become language facilitators and overcome their late-talker’s resistance to speech by teaching them that talking is both USEFUL and FUN.

The mission of Waves of Communication:
Waves of Communication helps parents teach their late-talking children how to confidently use the words they need, to share their wisdom with the world. 

We help parents embrace, the ideology of “if it isn’t FUN, it ISN'T fun.” so they can give up frustration from ineffective strategies and endless prompting with questions to find happiness and CONVERSATION in their lives every day.

We train parents to find and use your natural intuitive connection with your child.  We help you embrace your natural teaching skills together too and help your late-talking kids find success in at home in a way that feels RIGHT.

If you're interested in understanding what is really going on with your late-talker's language and want to know exactly what to do to help your child start to use words, click the button below to access my FREE class for parents.
Marci Melzer, M.Ed./SLP
What is an Intuitive 
Speech-Language Pathologist?
Marci Melzer earned her M.Ed. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Virginia in 1990. She has always been interested in providing "out of the box" intervention methods with clients who demonstrate challenging communication behaviors. 

In the late 1990’s Marci presented multiple presentations and workshops at national conferences across the United States speaking about research she completed using innovative interventions designed to maximize functional spoken language outcomes with children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Since the 90's Marci has been working in schools, hospitals, clinics, and homes helping people develop the ability to use spoken language functionally. In recent years, Marci has found the health care system to be increasingly disempowering for both herself and her clients as the trend to diagnose more children with ASD became actually became part of her
 job description.  

Marci has made the professional/ethical decision to separate herself from the published American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) stance on early Autism ASD diagnosis as she witnessed an increasing number of children being diagnosed with Autism for the purpose of paying for highly intensive early intervention ABA and speech therapy. 

Marci and her languge facilitation strategies follow widely published linguistic and neuroscience research that bases outcomes on children's natural, social experiences and functional spoken language use such as data reported in 
Science Direct
"The evidence suggests that all human environments support language acquisition by providing children with opportunities for communicative experience, which motivate the language acquisition process, and a language model, which serves as data for the language acquisition mechanism."

Marci has discovered, through years of research and development of speech therapy practice in the field after seeing thousands of clients in both clinical and natural environments, that there are MANY different causes for children to be late talking, and that there are MANY ways to help children USE the words that, in most cases, they have already learned, with a developmental language model.

Marci also discovered that parents are actually far better at facilitating speech in a developmental model than speech therapists, and when they have the right tools and take the right action, the results are natural conversational speech instead of robotic, memorized words and phrases.

 Marci intuitively helps parents identify habits and patterns in their household that are a potentially keeping their children stuck in nonverbal communication. When parents understand these habits, it is easy for them to make small changes and help their family overcome the blockages to their child’s natural spoken language learning process.  She equips and empowers parents to switch their children from using behavior to express themselves to using natural unprompted speech.
Marci is responding to parents who want to give up nonverbal communication systems and facilitate speech. 

 She has been helping clients switch their children away from limiting alternative communication (AAC) tablet systems, PECS, and sign language into using functional, conversational speech for decades.

Marci has established herself as an online global resource via her Waves of Communication platforms on Facebook and YouTube. 

She is providing guidance for parents all over the world with real strategies that WORK fast to facilitate unprompted spoken language at home during their everyday activities. Parents report every day that these strategies are helping them finally find their children’s voice after months or years of speech therapy and ABA have failed to provide the results they have been hoping for.   

Check out this page to see testimonials from parents all over the world.

Marci’s mindset work is foundational for the success of her clients. She strives with every connection to help parents overcome their own mindset and energy blockages such as fear, worry, and frustration as well as to empower them to make the small and consistent changes that "make sense" to take them toward their dreams of helping their children learn to use words.

Marci’s new book is available on Amazon and Audible
If it isn’t FUN, it ISN’T fun – Teach Your Child to Talk Faster Than Speech Therapy

This resource is helping parents, who were told their children are “not wired for spoken language”, to facilitate new, unprompted speech within weeks of following the easy-to-implement step-by-step process. 

EVERY parent in our program has seen new joint attention and focus within the first week of using Marci's strategies. 
Marci is now offering, to parents all over the world, the opportunity to learn from her knowledge, experience, and intuitive insight, and transform yourselves into Language Facilitators, just like so many of her clients already have.

If the idea of helping your late-talking child learn to use words to communicate their wants and feelings in a way that is completely positive, systematic and proven to be effective, AND if you are ready to put in the work to transform into a Language Facilitator yourself, visit this page to learn how to work with Marci and help your child share their wisdom with the world.